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Ratchet: Deadlocked Online Glitches

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The following info. is a step by step instruction of how to do glitches while playing online in Ratchet: Deadlocked. Read up and have fun.


If u have any questions on glitches posted then my online account is ArDeN13. Find me and i can show u the glitch.
Battledome Tower
I don't know of any glitches yet email me if you have any.
Catacrom Graveyard
Glitch #1:
      a. You need to have yourself and one other person not your local.
      b. Both of you go to the side of the level with the shield. When on that side go up to the mod.
      c. Face opposite of the tunnel and go straight to a short wall that you can jump up onto and walk on.
      d. Follow the path of the wall until you come upon where the wall goes higher up.
      e. Where the wall goes higher up there is a ledge to the left that you can stand on. But there seems to be an invisible wall blocking your way from walking along this new ledge.
      f. There are two ways to do it from here the easy way and the best way.
           Easy Way:
               Have your partner get a morph mod and morph you and you can walk back. Bad part is you leave your weapons pack behind making the glitch pointless.
           Best Way:
               Put your back to the invisible wall in the corner and have your buddy get out a gun besides mines, vipers and B6 Obliterator. And have him back up into you and eventually he will push you through the invisible wall. Unfortunately your partner cant join u and sometimes when your partner is pushing u he can kill you somehow. No big deal just try again.
      g. Once back behind the invisible wall get out your wrench and jump up and grab onto the ledge.
      h. Now there is a huge rock in the way and in order to get past it and behind the fence below u and to the right u have to jump out to the left and back to the right avoiding the rock and then jump down and be in the glitch... or carfully jump down so you grab the ledge in front of the rock and move over the left, jump up and get in the glitch.
Glitch #2
      a. Vehicles must be on with hoverbike.
      b. Take the hoverbike to the side with quad and jump up the wall to the fenced off part on top.
      c. Position the bike next to the fence on the unpaved so to say facing away from the rest of the level.
      d. If u do it right when u exit u will exit on the right side of the bike and when you walk forward u will walk between the concrete ledge on the left and the fence on the right.
      e. Go as far as u can and (this takes time), u have to double jump around the fence. It is hard the first few times but it is pretty cool.
      f. When you get in go to the right side and go to the edge. Charge boot following the mountains edge on the right. If u did it right there is solid land down there and u can walk around down there. U have to kill yourself in order to get out of the glitch.
I will continiously post more glitches and cover the rest of the level when my fingers and hands aren't sore or tired. Remember ArDeN13 if you need help.

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